High-Performance Surface Plasmon Resonance System - Sierra™ SPR-32

Powered by its new touch-compatible R3 software, the Sierra SPR-32 has innovative new features like 'Frame Inject' and allowing for turn-key sample processing protocols and customized workflows created together with pharmaceutical customers.

The faster data analysis and highly intuitive user interface combine to deliver an industry-leading SPR throughput of 10,000 control-substracted binding measurements. Combining flexible 8-needle sample delivery with a 32-sensor detection array laid out in 8 detection flow cells, enables 4 sensors per flow cell, an important advantage for controlled, high-throughput SPR methods.

The patented Hydrodynamic Isolation™ technology enables 'Any Sample, Any Sensor, Any Time', making it the preferred platform for screening, kinetics, thermodynamics and epitope mapping for pharmaceutical applications.

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