solariX MRMS from Bruker Daltonics

The solariX MRMS (Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry) instruments are available for different magnetic field strengths of 7T, 12T and 15T.

Key features of solariX series instruments

Key features of solariX series instruments

Achieve routine IFS by cutting edge technology

Compared to other FTMS techniques solariX features a combination of latest MRMS, ParaCell and Magnetron control technology. This is prerequisite for the highest possible mass spec resolving power available and results in routine access to isotopic fine structure (IFS) information for a broad mass range.

Read the elemental composition for confident results

IFS delivers an additional dimension of information missing in data from other types of mass spectrometers. Exploiting solariX XR and solariX 2xR IFS capability, not only is the mass of the analyte measured but also its elemental constituents pinpointed. Combined with Brukers SmartFormula algorithms, assignment of sum formulas can be done with utmost confidence.

eXtreme Resolution reveals true heteroatom content.

eXtreme Resolution reveals true heteroatom content.

Leverage MRMS technology leadership for your application

  • 7T solariX XR MALDI instruments with its unique ESI/MALDI dual source are the definitive standard for label-free small molecule MALDI imaging studies. This allows for mapping of the localization of drugs and metabolites and providing spatial correlation with omics studies.
  • Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) MRMS workflows with 7T solariX 2xR simplifies and accelerates sample throughput in phenomics and discovery metabolomics by omitting time consuming chromatography.
  • Understanding the molecular compositional of petroleum allows for the prediction of its behavior and properties as well as environmental fingerprinting. Molecular classification using high end 15T MRMS systems solves problems of Petroleum processing.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.

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