G8 GALILEO ONH: A High-Performance Inert Gas Fusion Analyzer

Bruker’s GALILEO ONH is a high-end instrument built for the fast and automatic determination of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen in solid materials. Based on the inert gas fusion (IGF) principle, this analyzer fuses the sample material in a graphite crucible at high temperatures.

The gas fusion analysis (GFA) principle is also generally termed a melt extraction (ME) since the total oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen composition is extracted through sample melting.

When integrated with an external, infrared heated furnace, the G8 GALILEO can measure the diffusible hydrogen content in a number of sample materials such as in welds according to ISO 3690 and AWS4 4.3 as well as in high-strength steel.

When a mass spectrometer is coupled to the G8 GALILEO analyzer, it leads to a considerably improved detection limit for the establishment of ultra-low diffusible hydrogen concentrations for example, in high-strength steels. This Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometry (TDMS) method enhances the detection limit by over one order of magnitude than a TCD.

The G8 GALILEO inert gas fusion analyzer is available with options for examining all three elements O, N and H—a single-element analyzer for oxygen, nitrogen, or hydrogen, and as a dual analyzer for two elements.


G8 GALILEO’s intuitive analysis software provides a clear user interface. Different tasks from the user workflow such as input of the analysis parameters, measurement, statistical evaluation and calibration of the analyzer are clearly separated into four core views.

Inert gas fusion Analyzer G8 GALILEO - Analysis Screen

Features and Benefits

  • High stability detection system with NDIR detector for carbon monoxide (CO) and thermal conductivity cell for nitrogen and hydrogen with automatic baseline control and ideal range selection for all elements
  • Modifiable temperature of the electrode furnace (inert gas fusion norm) and contact-free optical sensor for precise control and temperature measurement
  • Basic change-over by software from simultaneous nitrogen and oxygen measurement for the characterization of hydrogen; external furnace for diffusible hydrogen as an option
  • Optional quadrupole mass spectrometer for diffusible hydrogen enables the measurement of ultra-low concentrations of hydrogen and also facilitate the analysis and characterization of hydrogen traps in steel
  • Optional automatic furnace cleaning with dust removal, sample loader, and automatic crucible changer


The high-end analyzer G8 GALILEO is engineered to handle automatic and accurate determination of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen in solid materials.

The G8 GALILEO ONH can be used for many applications in materials research, and process and quality control. The range of materials is wide, in different configurations such as granules, pins, or powder ranges from steel and iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys such as Ni, Co, Al, Cu, Ti, Zr, and many others like ores, oxides, ceramics, and nitrides. Important hot extraction application with the optional infrared furnace is the characterization of diffusible hydrogen in welds and steel materials, particularly in high-strength steel.

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