Droplet Size Analysis and Distribution – minispec mq Droplet Size Analyzer

It is a fact that the size of droplet distribution in emulsions of water in oil, or oil in water, influence the odor, taste, microbial stability, and appearance of foods such as butter, mayonnaise, margarine, soft cheese, and salad dressing.

Bruker’s Minispec G-Var Droplet Size Analyzer provides a rapid and precise analysis of droplet size distribution, offering manufacturers crucial data about the palatability and shelf life of their products.

Thanks to the novel G-Var technique, the Droplet Size Analyzer is now much faster and more economical than ever before.

Key Features

The following benefits are provided by the G-Var method as opposed to the previous D-Var technique and other techniques:

  • Up to 4 times quicker than earlier D-Var technique
  • Lower limit of quantifiable droplet phase has now been reduced to 2%
  • Can determine smaller droplet sizes than before: water droplets - 1-30 µm, and oil droplets - 0.5-10 µm
  • Maximum precision
  • Of all the techniques, the G-Var method provides the lowest total cost of ownership per measurement

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