Q8 MAGELLAN: An Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metals Analysis

Q8 MAGELLAN is a sparc emission spectrometer that establishes new standards with regard to reliability, handling, flexibility, and technology. It is the world’s first spectrometer that provides a quality of analysis that was never seen before. This can be attributed to its limitless combination possibilities of measurement parameters.

It is a peerless vacuum spectrometer incorporating digital plasma generator, photomultipliers, infinite single-spark- and time resolution, as well as a heavy-duty, low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow. Very low maintenance and customized software highlight the outstanding quality of this uncompromised product for elemental analysis in the metal producing and processing sectors.

The Q8 MAGELLAN spectrometer comes in various versions and is hence ideal for routine operation in the laboratory as well as production environments. The instrument is considerably different from the wide range of spectrometers available in the market due to its newly developed electronics, optical components, detectors, and information technology. The components were matched in such a manner so as to guarantee unparalleled performance.

Technical Details

Optical System

  • Wavelength range: 110–800 nm
  • Paschen Runge / 750 mm
  • Single vacuum optic
  • Photomultiplier detectors: Highly stable and low dark current; highest anode sensitivity
  • Up to 128 analytical channels

Read-Out System

  • Read-out system is scalable and is controlled by microprocessor; modern and programmable electronics are integrated for time-critical tasks; integrators are matched to detector properties; high-quality PCI data recording board with a sampling rate up to 250 kHz
  • Time-resolved reading of single sparks; separately configurable integration windows for all analytical channels with the concurrent acquisition of each single spark

Instrument Control

  • Communication: Use of TCP/IP and Ethernet between PC and instrument, and also for all instrument internal communication


  • Integrated emergency stop
  • Digital generation of any discharge current curve via programmable logic modules
  • Discharge time 10 µs to 2 ms
  • Maintenance-free inductive ignition
  • Maximum 1000 Hz spark sequence
  • Maximum 200 A peak current


  • Analysis software with built-in single spark evaluation
  • Material identification of unknown samples
  • Material quality monitoring with dynamic external and internal limit check
  • Built-in systems for diagnosis and efficient, quick maintenance service through telephone or internet
  • Analysis management: Built-in analysis management using SQL database; storage, searching, sorting, filtering, display, printing, searching, and archiving; detailed statistic evaluation, certificate, and SPC charts (option)
  • Email-supported reporting system

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